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Servicio Pan Americano de Proteccion was founded in Caracas on October 15, 1958.  Over the years, its operations extended throughout Venezuela with the establishment of its affiliates: Blindados Zulia Occidente (Blinzoca), Blindados Centro Occidente (Blincosa), Blindados de Oriente (Blindorsa) and Blindados Panamericanos S.A. (Blinpasa).

In 1975, to meet the requirements of the financial sector, the company Documentos Mercantiles S.A. "Domesa" was founded to transport documents and non-negotiable papers, and in a short time it was well accepted in the market which motivated the organization to offer its services to all sectors, beginning a new category of business in Venezuela -- courier service.

In 1978 the competitor, Transportes Expresos “Tranex” was bought over and formed part of the company’s Cash in Transit Unit.

Since 1965, Servicio Pan Americano has participated directly in the start up of Armored Transport Companies in Latin America and the Caribbean islands:  Servicio Pan Americano de Proteccion, Mexico in 1965; Hermes Transportes Blindados in Peru and Servicio Pan Americano de Proteccion in Curacao, in 1979; Brinks Colombia and Domesa Aruba in 1982 and the creation of Strategic Support Units such as “Aeropanamericano” (the Company’s air fleet) in 1981; and the Academy to train Security  Officers “Instituto Panamericano de Adiestramiento Especial”, in 1983.

All of these companies and business units have been pioneers in their business activities in Venezuela and in the respective countries, and from their start of operations until the present time, have maintained their leadership position in the market in their respective categories.

Servicio Pan Americano de Proteccion, for almost 5 decades, has been the most specialized organization in Venezuela in service and products for the integral handling of securities and associated risks, with security, support and technology.

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