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The history of SERVICIO PAN AMERICANO DE PROTECCION goes back to 1949 when Cuban businessmen had a dream of opening a company to transport valuables, with the projection of extending to the entire American continent. Three years later, Pan American Protective Service Inc. was operating successfully from Havana.  The company was characterized by the physical strength of its crew, the impact of its armored fleet and its symbol of a mythological animal, the Rampant Griffin, which summarizes the philosophy of security, courage and the transparency of its operations.

This is how the enterprising continental idea began in Venezuela on October 15, 1958, in the framework of a nascent democracy, when THE FIRST COMPANY  DEDICATED TO THE PROTECTION OF VALUABLES was registered and started operations in the land of  Simon Bolivar.   Twelve men and only 2 armored trucks made up the original structure of SERVICIO PAN AMERICANO DE PROTECCION C.A.,  working from its modest facilities on Av. Roosevelt in Los Rosales, Caracas.

From that day on, SERVICIO PAN AMERICANO DE PROTECCION has been present in every important project which has driven the development and the modernization of Venezuela:  the construction of the Francisco Fajardo Highway; the construction of Parque Central; the construction of the Guri Dam; the construction of the Basic Companies in Guayana; the construction of the Metro de Caracas; to name a few, and it has worked hand in hand with the  national financial sector, the industrial platform, the commercial sector and the service area.

In addition, on the initiative and perseverance of Servicio Pan Americano de Proteccion, affiliates were founded in Mexico, Peru and the Caribbean islands, continuing with the dream of the great Pan American Corporation.

The Rampant Griffin, taken from heraldic tradition and which for almost 5 decades has accompanied the name and the prestige of this Venezuelan organization, identifies a mythological animal that is half eagle, representing the agility and the keen sight of the bird; and half lion, representing the strength, the fearlessness and the security of the bravest animal. Additionally, the colors blue, white and red, which appear on the shield, symbolize mystique, confidence and bravery.

There are almost four thousand employees in 29 Armored Branches and 45 Domesa offices distributed throughout Venezuela, operating the most complete, solid and recognized security structure and document handling companies, of indisputable leadership in their fields.

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