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The attributes that distinguish Servicio Pan Americano de Protección and its affiliate Companies are the integrity of its employees and the commitment they assume to provide permanent quality performance.   Our Corporation is judged by the highest standards of ethical conduct, and it is by those standards that we must judge ourselves.  We believe that our company enjoys a reputation of which we can be proud and which underpins our business success. 

The Corporation's standards of conduct are summarized in the following Principles of Ethics:

    It is imperative that all employees keep confidential all information about the Corporation's operations and business activities that have not been made public. Employees must not disclose to others, or use for themselves or others, any confidential Company information or information about others entrusted to the Company.

    Employees must avoid any investments, business interests or other associations that interfere with or influence, or even appear to interfere with or influence, their objective judgment in furtherance of their responsibility to act in the company's best interests.

    No employee shall directly or indirectly seek or accept any payments, fees, services or other gratuities of any size or amount, from any person, company or organization doing, or seeking to do, business with the Corporation. Gifts of cash or cash equivalents of any amount are strictly prohibited. It is not inappropriate to receive common courtesies, sales promotional items of small value, occasional meals or reasonable entertainment appropriate to our business relations.

    Solicitations and agreements with suppliers, customers or others, doing or seeking to do business with the Company, shall be conducted solely on a basis that reflects both the Corporation's interests and its high ethical standards.

    Company business records must always be prepared accurately and reliably. Records are to be kept in accordance with accepted accounting rules and controls at all times, fully and accurately reflecting all transactions. No unrecorded fund or asset may be maintained. No false or misleading entry, record or report may be made or permitted to go uncorrected.

    Employees with material information about the business of the Company are prohibited from buying or selling stock of the Company until such information has been made public.

    The Company requires its employees to engage in fair competition and to comply fully with all antitrust laws

    No employee will make, or cause to be made, any improper payment, or offer any improper inducement to any actual or potential customer or to an intermediary, as a bribe, kickback, or similar payment that is directly or indirectly for the benefit of any individual (including any government official), company or organization in any country, and that is designated, directly or indirectly, to secure favored treatment for the Corporation.

    Each employee should endeavor to respect the rights of and deal fairly with the Company's customers, suppliers, competitors and employees.

    The use of corporate funds, resources or property is forbidden for the support of political parties or political candidates.

    Each employee is personally accountable for Company funds or assets over which he or she has control. Protection of Company property and services is vital for our business. Company property must not be used for impromper personal benefit or for any other dishonest purpose.

    Employees must not take for themselves personally, opportunities that are discovered while serving as an employee or through the use of Company property or information.

    Our Corporation has special responsibilities to be a good citizen in the communities in which we operate.

    All employees are responsible for bringing to the Company's attention any circumstances which the employee believes may constitute a violation of these Principles of Ethics. The information may be communicated directly to the employee's supervisor, or, if the employee prefers, he may inform directly on any violation of these principles to The Brink´s Company General Counsel by calling toll free in the U.S. 001-877-275-4585 or from outside the U.S. 001- 804-289-9611. The Company will see that the employees giving such information are protected from any adverse action for having reported a possible violation. Any questions regarding the application of these Principles of Ethics for concrete and special cases may also be brought to Brink's Legal Counsel at the numbers indicated above. The Company's Code of Ethics is available on the Company's web page: http://www.brinkscompany.com/
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