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Operative strengths exclusive of the expert on the Integral handling of Valuables:


  1. With 29 branch offices, Servicio Pan Americano de Proteccion has double the number of offices of its nearest competitor, effectively ensuring the best coverage in all national territory.
  2. The only armored transport company that has an INTEGRAL CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER, which guarantees speed, personalized attention and effectiveness in the solution of needs and in providing information: 0-501-274657-0.
  3. With 14 Currency Logistics Centers distributed in the regions of greatest economic impact, permitting the counting, sorting and preparation of shipments in the least possible time, and their immediate credit to account to obtain the highest financial cash performance.
  4. It has three Coin Logistics Centers, with state of the art technology in sorting, counting and counterfeit detection.
  5. Directly from its own hanger at the Maiquetia airport, the most important Private Air Fleet in Venezuela and the most important of Security Transport Companies in Latin America, operates 6 aircraft with payload capacity of 8,500 kilos, which touch down at 17 cities each day.
  6. It has the economic solvency and support to be able to respond immediately to customers and third parties in the event of any loss.
  7. It has the additional support of belonging to the largest holding of greatest worldwide trajectory among Security Transport Companies -- Brinks Inc, with absolute coverage and leadership in over 180 countries.
  8. It has the most advanced technology in security processes, in interconnection and national linkage of vaults, alarms and sensors, continuous recording digital video circuits for the follow up and control of operations and customer verification.
  9. Its armored fleet has the highest protection according to international standards, Level 5 armoring, with high maneuverability, glass protectors, telescopic sights and internal safe, all innovations developed with our own technology.
  10. The company has incorporated in its operations the most sophisticated model of armored truck in the world, the KODIAK, with internal vaults and satellite coverage.
  11. Servicio Pan Americano de Proteccion has been and is the company with the highest response capacity to meet the needs of the economic sector and national emergencies.
  12. With a SPECIAL TRAINING CENTER for Security Officers, built on 32 hectares in the valleys of Aragua State, and where over 20 thousand men have been trained.
  13. All operations are registered electronically in real time, offering our customers DATA on the handling, movement and availability of their money, automatically transmitting opening results to each customer, supporting their reconciliation of their shops or businesses, and with the benefit of depositing to their account so they have optimum use of their money in bank accounts or special financial instruments.
  14. A modern and agile Corporation which in addition provides synergy of its AFFILIATE BUSINESS UNIT for Transporting Documents -- DOMESA.
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