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To strengthen security mechanisms to meet the needs of our commercial and industrial customers, we offer the installation and lease of double bottom customer safes, the use of which, due to the system of being anchored and the complex alloy of metals which are used for their vault compartments, ensures that the money is protected and safeguarded until the arrival of our crew pick up, transport in armored units and provide vaulting service.

We offer as added value:

These safes operate with a shared combination of keys, to be used simultaneously by Servicio Pan Americano de Proteccion and the customer, to open the safe.

The service includes installation, maintenance, pick up, opening and relocation, to meet customer needs.

The strength of the equipment includes:

  • It is impossible to remove the money from the top part, thanks to its ‘anti-fishing’ system.
  • We guarantee that the safe cannot be removed because of its sophisticated anchoring system.
  • Maximum internal and external armoring make it impenetrable.
  • Insurance coverage.
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